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#2020: a Lesson in Adaptation

What a crazy year it's been...we nearly started a war, got more DL on aliens from the government, landed face-first into a pandemic, had to protest Nazi (like wtf?!), went through a humdinger of an election, and that's just the shortlist!

Everything changed on us. The rules of society seemed to flip on its head over the course of a week and we had to learn to live differently than we had before. Masks, social distancing, special hours, the changing of coping skills, etc.

Through all this, I've been learning the art of adaptation.

Personally, I do not find pandemics conducive to creativity and it can be difficult to watch as those whose minds are geared toward turning intensity into income. I've been aiming to turn this around and build strength in this area that has previously been an obstacle. That's where adaptability comes in. we have to learn to rolls with the punches and grow into our circumstances in such a way that we continue to thrive regardless of the pain. Like a plant breaking through the cracks in the concrete, we push and shift until we find a way to make it into the sunshine.

If you struggle with this, that's perfectly ok. Don't allow yourself to feel shame because someone is better at adapting than you. You don't know what they have been through to develop that skill. But reach down deep into yourself and begin the process for yourself so that no matter what you're going through, whether it is a pandemic or some other crisis, you can make the most of a bad situation and continue to thrive! How?

First of all, I believe that mindfulness is essential to adaptability. Mindfulness can be achieved through meditation and journaling, even vlogging (note: you don't have to publish them) can be beneficial exercises to increase mindfulness. The more you are aware of yourself and your surrounding, the better it is for making changes and growing into the environment.

Intentionality is another. Actively putting yourself into situations that challenge your thinking or push you is a sort of mental work out. Just like going to the gym to build muscles through training and resistance, the mind also is built through challenges and training. As I like to say, get out and test the waters.

Lastly, leave room for grace. To many people give up before they have even really gotten started becasue they are too drained from beating themselves up. You won't master this overnight, and those who appear to have mastered it are often still working in this themselves. Keep trying, keep progressing, and don't give up just because you aren't as good as someone else yet.